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Robotics Needs

Intelligent Robots will become true companion of humanity to improve people’s lives.

Our wide variety of intelligent robots integrated with AI technologies are not only for industrial use but also for various professional and personal use to make people’s lives smarter, more convenient and more connected.
Next Generation Robots with Artificial Intelligence 

The rapid development in AI and IoT have revolutionized the robotic industry, and allowed to develop the advanced level of robots with self-learning ability, human-like vision and emotional intelligence. AI robots can interact and grow with humans, and perform various tasks more efficiently and at higher accuracy.

Social Robots

Increase user engagement and interaction

Social robots are designed to interact with humans and provide a wide variety of services for business and society. AI robots can efficiently function as a personal assistant, an instructor, receptionist, mobile telepresence, companion for elders at home or hospitals, and security guard at your facility. Social robots attract more people and play vital role in marketing and lead-generation.

AMASTEC offer several types of social robots for innovative applications in retail, hospitality, tourism, entertainment, social events, public service, finance, healthcare and education sector.

Delivery Robots

Deliver the highest level of Flexibility, Reliability and Security.

Autonomous delivery robots optimize your indoor deliveries smartly, and increase productivity, reduce cost and improve brand reputation while giving customers an intelligent experience.

Our robots can deliver anything you want such as delivery of books in the libraries, medical supplies and other essential items used in hospitals, food and dishes in the restaurants, delivering items to guest rooms at hotels, and transport materials at offices, airports and warehouses with great speed and high accuracy.

Medical Robots ​

Transforming the healthcare industry

Medical robots are playing vital role in providing automated solutions to healthcare industry. To avoid human contacts, and minimize the transmission of highly contagious disease like COVID-19 and other infections, robots are the best options to use for medical supplies, disinfecting or sanitizing the infected areas with UVC light and hydrogen peroxide vapors.

Smart navigation system allow these robots to comprehensively sterilize the large areas of the hospitals, hotels, restaurants, malls and other buildings with high speed and high accuracy, and save time, money and efforts.

Educational Robots ​

Taking Education to the Next Level

Robots are increasingly being used to teach students of all levels Robotics, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Languages interactively. Telepresence robots help university students and teachers to connect with class remotely. AMASTEC provide numerous types of educational robots from kindergarten level to advance level research robots.

Smart robots become good friends to children and encourage them to learn in a fun way, and enhance their confidence, communication skills, creative thinking, logical reasoning, analytical thinking, strategic problem solving, teamwork and social skills.