Healthcare Logistic Solutions

Smart Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

 Build a Smart Hospital with Smart Automation — Improving Hospital Experience

The development of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Robotics has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Advance technology helps to optimize workflows within the hospital, enhance collaboration across different departments and ensure staff satisfaction. Intelligent solutions maximize productivity, provide quality patient care and increase operational efficiency while reduce costs.


AMASTEC provide fully automated transportation systems for hospital logistics that significantly improve the circulation of medicines, reports, blood samples and medical equipment, thereby minimizing the risk of errors and cross-infections, and freeing up time for value-adding tasks such as patient related work.

Electric Track Vehicle System

Monorail track network system that allows gentle and secure transportation of sensitive and lightweight goods. Intelligent disinfection and hybrid power system.

Pneumatic Tube System

Ideal solution for the delivery of time-sensitive materials anywhere in your facility at adjustable speed.

Vertical Conveyor Transport System

Intelligent logistics solution based on medium-sized conveyor box as carrier for safe, smooth and higher transportation efficiency.

Automated Guided Vehicle

AGVs play vital role in automating hospital logistics, autonomous riding elevators, laser navigation and 3D obstacle avoidance for efficient transportation of heavy payloads.

Automatic Waste & Laundry Transport System

An efficient and environment friendly solution for automated collection and transfer of hospital waste and laundries.

Smart Hospital Integrated Logistics

Intelligent and integrated hospital logistics are based on a network of conveyor belts, PTS, ETVs, AGVs and Robotics.


Transforming the healthcare industry

Intelligent medical robots are playing vital role in providing automated solutions to healthcare industry. Service robots for the transportation of medical supplies and medical waste to avoid human contacts and to minimize the transmission of highly contagious disease like COVID-19. Disinfection robots for sanitizing the infected areas with UVC light or hydrogen peroxide spray. Social robots for human interaction, monitoring of patients and elderly care


Pharmacy storage and retrieval systems optimize workflow and save costs

We provide customized storage solutions and innovative shelving systems for pharmacies and hospitals that are based on customer’s needs. High-density storage of medication & hospital materials save space, improve the workflow efficiency and give the real-time visibility of available stocks. Automated dispensing system (ADS) eliminate dispensing errors and save searching time so you can focus on patient care.

Enhance Hospital work activity with Hospital Management system

Hospital management system or HMS Software is a system that can help to automate & maintain any hospital activities properly and easily. Moreover, this system can operate regular hospital activities like IPD, OPD, billing, lab test, bed management, storage management and generate reports accurately and efficiently. This system can be used as clinical software, and an internal messaging platform help employees to communicate with each other as well. You can monitor and track all activities and assets of your hospital in real-time that ensure the financial growth and the best patient care while eliminate the risk of errors.