Electric Track Vehicle (ETV)

System For Library

Intelligent, Reliable and Collaborative Logistics Transport System

Electric Track Vehicles (ETV) are designed to automate the mid-size deliveries in the modern libraries. The system can flexibly integrate with book-returning machines, conveyor sorting system, robots, and automated storage/retrieval system (ASRS) to increase the circulation speed and ease staff workload.

Processes of Returning, Sorting and Transporting Books

Automated return and sorting systems, along with automated transport system allows 24/7 self-service library operations. Our innovative solutions provide libraries with the biggest ROI by increasing the circulation of books and maximizing staff time.

Automated Book Return System

An automated return machine enables fast book returning in real time. Library management system identify items during return process, update the user’s account immediately, and print the receipt.

Sorting System

After returning, all books reached on the conveyor belt, and then sorting system classify books individually according to predefined sorting criteria such as location, item type, floor number, shelf number etc., and transfer to the appropriate book trolley or to the automated track vehicle.

Delivery to Final Location

Our innovative electric track vehicles then deliver the books to assigned locations in the library. The track network can easily extend to miles long, and efficiently deliver books and documents to different floors and even to different buildings.


Increase productivity, save time and reduce operational cost.

Real-time monitoring of vehicles and transported items.
By reducing manual delivery, staff can concentrate on other important tasks.

Eliminate human errors while performing routine library works.

Seamless integration of various systems.
Fast availability of books and better user experience.

Achieve fast ROI within 2-3 years.

Flexible track network design to meet the requirements of library within the available space.

Automatic Electric Track Vehicle

  • Automatic loading and unloading.
  • Seamless docking with sorting system.
  • Max payload 15kg.
  • Continuous transport efficiency up to 1800 books/hour. Compared with similar trolley, the ratio is reduced by 35% and efficiency is increased by 50%.
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Manual Electric Track Vehicle

  • Open top, manual loading and unloading
  • Max Payload 25Kg.
  • Pendulum horizontal structure ensure that books and other items in the box are always in upright position when the truck is moving upside down.
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